Review: Damaged Goods by Alexandra Allred



I thoroughly enjoyed this book. When I was approached with an ARC, I wasn’t sure it was my cup of tea, but after hosting a guest post on the blog tour, I became intrigued. I’m glad I did because this was one awesome tale. The author has a way of drawing you into the story so you feel as if you’re a part of all the crazy–and there’s lots of crazy in this one! I have to admit that one of my all time favorite characters was Eduardo the beer-drinking emu. You’ll have to read it to understand.

One thing that put me off was the continual switching from first person to third person POV. I thought I’d discover a purpose for that, but by the end, I still couldn’t fathom the need for it. That took away from the story a bit for me, but I still loved it.

This was a nice mix of hilarity, angst, drama, and romance. There really is a little something for everyone.  I gave this one a solid 4 stars.