Review: Lessons Learned by Sydney Logan




I was very excited to receive an ARC of Sydney Logan’s debut novel Lessons Learned. I give this story a solid 4.5 stars.

Sydney Logan tackled controversial issues in a small town full of intolerant people with finesse. One of the things I admired most is that the author didn’t go for the “typical” outcome. A number of times, I had tears in my eyes during this book, and I’m not typically a crier. The author definitely reaches inside and pushes those emotional buttons.

This book was a lovely journey of growth with a dose of drama. The relationship between Sarah and Lucas came about naturally, not rushed. I felt a range of emotions while reading, which is a testament to the author’s storytelling skills.

The one thing that drew me out of the story a little bit is how perfect Lucas was. I kept wondering when the other shoe was going to drop and he would show his flaws, but it never happened. He always did and said the perfect things. That said, this did not ruin the story for me. I was fully invested in the characters and when I turned to the last page, I was disappointed it was over.

This is a terrific debut novel, and I look forward to reading future releases from Sydney Logan.


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